7 Best Apps to Stream Online Media 2023

best apps to stream online media

Who doesn’t like to watch movies, series, and other online content for free? We know there are a few popular official platforms like Apple TV, Netflix, and Disney + that offer these kinds of services. But guess what? You have to pay for it. And it’s not even a small amount. This is why android apps like UnlockMyTV are well-liked by people who like to watch online videos. With these apps, you do not need any subscription or pay on a monthly basis. You can just stream millions of online content in high resolution. Besides, there are other benefits as well that you will learn along the way. Watching movies, shows & videos is now easier without putting in much effort.

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Why spend money on something which can be available for free?

Best Apps to Stream Online Media in 2022

best apps to stream online media

Watching videos online is like a daily thing now. We watch movies and TV shows on a regular basis for our entertainment. Not to mention, news and documentaries as well for learning. One of the best things about these apps is they provide content from many sources. On the contrary, if you get a subscription to Netflix, you can only watch the content available there. But here you get online content from different places piled up. Watch or browse your favorite content without any cost. With these android apps mentioned below, users can watch an infinite amount of online content for free.

1. FilmPlus

Compared to other names in this list, FilmPlus is relatively a new app. The legendary TerrariumTV inspires this app (as many apps have). Being a new education in the market does not mean it has no place for itself. Actually, users from all around the world use FilmPlus daily to watch high-resolution online content. Plus, making a place in the market with the other competitors around, sure has something to it. The most well-known feature of the FilmPlus app is linked to scraping technology. A user can get 40 links while selecting a video.

2. Momix

Momix is a bit different when you talk about streaming online content. As we mentioned about compromising content when you get a subscription to a service, Momix is known for solving that issue. Compared to all other apps in the list, Momix is most known for offering content from different sources. This means you do not need multiple apps to watch everything you like. Momix is a third-line and third-party app developed for online movies and video lovers. The app has millions of online content from all across the world. Plus, all that is in high resolution. Give it a try and see for yourself.

3. MovieWatcher

If you want a place where you can watch what you like with utmost comfort, MovieWatcher is for you. The thing about MovieWatcher is; it lets you download whatever content is available on the app. You can either stream the content or download it for later. Sometimes you are not in the mood to watch anything but also you worry about video buffering while traveling or something. In these situations, MovieWatcher can be a life savior. Plus the app only allows you to stream content in 720p and 1080p, no other resolution. Plus, the app has a regular database update which lets you watch the latest content. Give it a try.

4. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time streams online content by using BitTorrent. So you know how it would work, right? Choosing Popcorn Time will let you watch online content with no buffering as BitTorrent downloads ongoing video a bit in advance. So even if you have an unstable network, you are just fine. All this results in a smooth experience of watching online. It is a widely used app among global users. There is one limitation which is ISPs blocking because of torrent tech. But this is easily avoidable with VPNs and privacy applications. When you use Popcorn Time, you will see how it is all worth it.

5. Project Free TV (PFTV)

Project Free TV is not something unheard of, right? Pretty sure you remember something like PFTV; an old-known name in the online streaming market. Project Free TV is the latest addition to that legacy. The app has countless movies, videos, TV shows, and much more available for you to enjoy. Download the app and start high-resolution videos for free. Many people still remember Project Free TV by its old name. Because of its trusted and old name, users trust the app. With its good name, you get good content as well. You can be a patron as well if you give it a shot.

6. Cinema HD

Now we have to the part most people have been waiting for. Cinema HD is probably the most popular choice here. Millions of people from around the world use this app to watch different content online with no issue. We can label cinema HD as the best successor of Terrarium TV. It was initially created as a replacement for the veteran Terrarium TV, however, it got so much bigger than expected. You can sort videos on Cinema HD by popular, trending, top-rated content, etc., and watch what you like. Out of all the names on the list, Cinema HD does not need any convincing. Not to mention, the application lets you customize it to your liking.

7. UnlockMyTV

Now, this is the app worth knowing about. UnlockMyTV is something you will remember. Same as Cinema HD, Terrarium TV also inspired UnlockMyTV. However, the difference lies in its service and UX. People find the app much more appealing and comfortable to use. There are literally millions of online content you can watch on UnlockMyTV with no problems whatsoever. The app is 100% malware free and safe to use. Once you try it, you can not go back to other options. It is one of the most used and preferred android apps in the market for streaming online content.

Final Words on Best Apps to Stream Online!

best apps to stream online in 2022

In these times, finding all your desired content in one place is not possible. If you are a movie enthusiast, there are tons of platforms that have rights to different movies. If you pay for one, you have to compromise with the other. Avoiding this can be really simple with the android apps in the above list. These apps are entirely secure and do not harm your device in any manner. On the contrary, many give you access to manage the app itself. Try once and never go back. For more content like this, stay tuned to BlackBuck Magazine.

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