About Us

About Us

We started this online magazine to help people learn and know about the things going around them in different industries. Whether you want to read a blog on technology or want to stay updated with its trends, get to the BlackBuck digital Magazine. 

This is no ordinary magazine providing you with limited information. It is a vast ocean of different blogs on topics like How-TosBusiness, Technology, Lifestyle, Entertainment, etc. In short, you will have all the information needed to spend your day at ease.

Learn how to install certain software on your PC as well as how to make a handmade gift and how to decor your garden properly. We have a team of writers, specialized in different niches. They research and create a blog that educates people.

BlackBuck Magazine’s Mission

Our mission is simple to help everyone grow and have all the information on hand, whether it is a business, a business person, a normal individual, or a student. 

BlackBuck Magazine’s Vision

Our vision is to be a market leader in providing information related to every industry to the end-user as soon as possible. And help students in their research to advance further. (We are open to publishing free articles from students with their author bio helping them create their own portfolio. Please see the editorial guides on our Write For Us page. Or Contact Us)