AI-Based Content Vs. Human-Created Content: What To Pick?

AI-Based Content Vs. Human-Created Content

Writing has always been associated with a task that very few can perform well, especially when it comes to showcasing a brand or promoting it. Well, with AI in the scene, is it still difficult? I have come across questions and statements like, there’s AI to write content now. What’s the future of your job? You are soon going to be jobless, and now robots will do your work. 

But still, I see content writers debating on AI-Based Content Vs. Human-Created Content. Every content writer is seeing AI as their rival and something that will make them jobless.

However, is it true? Will AI content writing tools replace human content writers? To understand it better, we will have to first understand what AI-powered content is. After that, we will move ahead and get the answer!

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What is AI-Powered Content?

The AI-powered content is the one that is written by artificial intelligence. AI is known to emulate human emotions and can write readable content. AI is not new. It has been with us for a very long time, from talking to Siri, to using voice search on OTT platforms. 

To write the content that provides information, the AI needs to have intelligence, learning, and decision-making. With the help of all these natural language generators, it can easily create a readable content piece.

Marketers and the marketing industry have been using AI for a long time, you can say it’s their first love. You might have seen chatbots on websites, they can interact with a person and can even send personalized messages to answer real-time questions.

AI can help you in every way possible, from figuring out the trends to analyzing the buyer’s journey. Looking at the information, it seems the content writers are really going to be obsolete. However, is it true?

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How is AI-Based Content Different from Human-Created Content?

Before you come to any conclusion, read this section here. You read all the positive sides of AI-powered content and here I will compare the difference between them: AI-powered content vs human-written content.

1. Creating engaging and fun-to-read content

Everyone likes to read content that they can relate to. AI can create content that is humorous, but will it still be relatable? I don’t think so! Why? Robots lack the touch of human emotions. We have the power to see, experience, and keep it in memory {without the need of someone to feed in}. 

There will always be a lack of emotion in AI-written content, as we writers put our heart and soul into writing a piece of content and conveying a brand message in its voice. Let’s say even in the future if it can do something like that, the SI will still require humans to feed the emotions to it. It will always lack the TOV flair (tone of voice).

2. AI or robot-generated content is pretty expensive

 If you are thinking of picking up AI-Powered content creation, keep in mind it is pretty expensive. The one-year package of $65/per month for 60,000 words and that too for short-form, content only. If you want long-form content (which is available on only a few AI content generator platforms) is $82/per month for a year for 100,000 words.

Small businesses or startups won’t be able to afford that. And to top that off, you will still need a human content writer to proofread it and humanize it. The AI can give you proper grammar input, but the sentence formation might be off as per your target audience. There’s still time for AI to completely replace writers.

3. Humans can create content that the audience can relate

One of the many aspects while writing an article is to build an emotional connection with the audience. Getting the point? Humans can only understand the feelings of other humans, only we can understand how our target audience will behave on a particular topic. 

AI can state facts fed into its data and algorithm. Whereas a human writer will write content that can create a connection between your target audience and your brand. And this brings us to our next pointer.

4. AI writes content based on data and algorithms

We all know what AI is and how it works. AI will state facts and figures that are in its system or database, regardless of the actual information. A human can write a content piece on a product that is not yet available to the world, but not an AI writer. 

Why? Because there’s no information available for it on the internet. It will give you output, but it will be meaningless. AI can definitely extract the meaning from the sentences even from a lengthy write-up, but it’s not guaranteed that will be perfect. 

Whereas a human will read behind the text as well, and try to understand the motive of the brand behind that particular line or slogan!

Is AI the only Future of Content Writing?

Well, it is not the ONLY future, but it does have a future in the content writing field. Even as writers, we still use many AI platforms to improve our write-ups. Can you remember one? Wait, let me help you with it. Grammarly, Hemingway, Wordtune, etc. These are all the AI platforms that help writers to improve their content and make it easier to read and understand.

Even while writing this piece of content on AI-based content vs. Human-created, I am using different tools to sharpen it. So, AI will help you create content faster and more relatable. It is here to make your work easier, and not to take your job. 

The final answer to the question is no, AI is not the only future of content writing. However, the hand-in-hand work of humans and AI is the future of content writing.

Do Marketers and Readers Prefer AI-powered content or Human-Written Content?

Linkedin poll

Well, to answer this question, I took a quick poll on LinkedIn. The poll was to check who prefers AI-powered content and who goes for the human-written. Although the latter option won (as expected) some people would prefer AI-powered content as well. There can be many reasons behind them, from the availability of writers to the cost of an article, and more importantly, budget.

Conclusion on Debate!

Well, there’s no definite conclusion to AI-powered content vs. Human-written content. There’s one thing I can say, AI is here to help content writers make things easy and not to replace them. However, there are chances that AI will grow to an extent that it will be able to write long-form content but not to worry, writing research-based content is still very far. Leave the worry, and embrace AI to help you write better content for your website, social media, or even email marketing! Stay Tuned to BlackBuck Magazine for more information on technology and business.

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