Different Formats for Content Marketing: Boost Results

Formats for Content Marketing

Creating simple content is not enough, you have to design content that is useful for your audience and gain their attention while building their trust. Although, this sound fairly easy but it is not. Choosing the right types of content in digital marketing is more like an art than a science. 

In this article, we will be discussing five different content marketing formats to get the results. without any delay, let’s get started.

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What are the Five Types Of Content Marketing Formats?

Content is anything that you create, but it should not oversell the message. It has to be simple and elegant. There are some strategies that you can follow and design the content. Five content marketing formats can help you in designing unique content. 

  1. Infographics 
  2. Blog content 
  3. Podcasts 
  4. Videos 
  5. Social media 

1. Infographics Content Marketing

It is one of the many formats of content marketing, the infographics can really throw a big curveball for digital marketers. It is a shame that most marketers don’t give proper attention to this format. You cannot use an infographic for everything. 

Choosing the right infographics can elevate this content format to the sublime. Successful infographics are simple and create an impact while being meaningful to the viewers. The main objective is to use infographics to break down complicated information into essential points. 

They are used to punctuate the written blogs and standalone content for both the blogging and the social media platforms.

2. Blog Content Marketing

Blogs count as the vast category and format of the content market. We know that businesses that are using blogs receive almost 97 percent more links to their website, and in turn, they have 43% more indexed pages for the SERPs. That is why it is much more obvious that blogging can also extremely cost-effective for small business that is on a tight budget. 

Blogging becomes more effective when you use it for good, like most content marketing. Instead of writing blogs about your newest products that will change lives, you can write about the topics that are related to your product or services, directly and indirectly. 

People are also looking for Wikipedia articles to grow themselves online. You can also look for Wikipedia experts for hire and get an article page on the platform.  

3. Podcast Content Marketing

A high-quality podcast can be extremely lucrative for digital marketers. although they are far from a universal solution for the need of the content. But once you get the right equipment, the podcast can be simple to produce, and if you distribute it through different podcast networks you can have massive reach. 

It is essential that you plan the podcast ahead of time, though, and not try to wing it, that path will not give you any results. 

Although you are using the network, especially for podcasts, you can also update the podcasts on your website and social media as an extra effort to share the content with your audience. 

4. Video Content Marketing

Video content is expensive to produce and time-consuming. But it is the most in-demand among many consumers. Although many people prefer written content, there are still some who want the video to see even more than they can get on their hands right now. 

A well-produced video content describes the whole new level and creative side of your business. you can give a better way to create content that demonstrates how to do something or how something will work. 

Video content is much more than blogging, they are the best way to teach someone how they can use your products or avail of your services. Don’t forget to create a caption for the video and include the text introduction for helping the humans to navigate their way to what they want to see in the said video. 

You can also use the content almost everywhere, from the main website of your business to the blog, social media page, and even the email campaign.

5. Social Media Content Marketing

Last but not least. Social media marketing is one of the types that is treated alone because of its slightly different set of rules. Unlike the other type of digital marketing content listed above, social media marketing is about getting people to look into your business and respond directly. In this marketing type, you need palpable engagement. 

What are some Content Marketing Tricks?

The biggest hack for success with content marketing is that you have to put everything together that you know and what your audience needs from your content. 

The more you feel your audience, the more you will be able to create content that can produce results. You can address likely their need after understanding what they are looking for.

You can experiment a bit in your marketing efforts to figure out what type of content will work best for you. But keep in mind that the experiment must be on a small scale, don’t rush and spend your efforts and money on a failed content marketing type

Also, you can analyze the strategies your competitors are using, but also don’t copy their strategies. It is possible that what is working best for them might not work for you. That is why you have to understand your target audience better. 

Also, monitor your progress. It is the most essential part of any content marketing campaign., if you don’t analyze your own marketing efforts and their results, then there is no way you can create the best marketing content in the future. 


So, these are the five types of content marketing formats that can drive extreme results for your business. You have to use these formats wisely. The formats mentioned above are great in every case scenario. You have to pick your choice. 

If your readers love to read, and write blogs, if they want a lot of information in simple words then infographics are best. If the target audience wants to listen, then the podcast will work. If they want visuals, then video marketing is best. And if they are social media addicts, then find them there with organic or nonorganic efforts.

Karuna Shah
With her huge experience in content writing, she has been a regular author at BlackBuck Magazine. She already has a story published in an anthology book and will be soon getting published her own book too. Apart from that, she is a businesswoman, exploring her business skills and managing work and household together!