iPhone 15: Is Apple Adopting a More Android-like Design?

iphone 15

With iPhone 14 released and successfully running, there are already Apple lovers waiting for the iPhone 15 news! Well, there’s some good news for you all. It is heard that there have been iPhone 15 leaks. We know, it’s still half a year remaining before the launch of the new Apple product!

Are you interested to read more about the Apple iPhone 15 rumors leaks? Let’s move ahead!

The information about the iPhone 15 was posted by someone who goes by ShrimpApplePro. The Twitter account states, the person is an Apple product lover. 

However, there’s no in-detail information on the technical side, the person surely talked about the display design calling it – more Android-like than ever!

Also, Apple intends to rename the pro max version with ‘ultra,’ so you won’t see iPhone 15 Pro Max but iPhone 15 Ultra.

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The display doesn’t seem too android. Then, what’s the feature that made everyone think it will be android-y? Let’s talk about the changes:

iPhone 15 Rumors You Need To Know About!

From its charging port to its model’s name, seems like there are going to be a lot of changes in the iPhone 15 series. (As per the Shrimp)

1. Charging Port

There has been a talk regarding the change in its lightning port! Yes, Apple is planning to add a USB-C type port removing its forever design of a lightning port. Well, this does make it a bit Android!

2. Design

iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 had both pill-and-hole cutouts and notch for their models in the series. However, it’s expected that iPhone 15 series will have no notch and only pill-and-hole cutout throughout the lineup! Pill-shaped cutout for the Face ID sensor and the hole will be the front camera.

The tipster also said the sizes of the iPhone 15 series, will remain the same as those of the iPhone 14 series. Shrimp also tipped off that the display of the iPhone 15 pro and iPhone 15 Ultra will have thinner bezels with curved edges. However, the display will be still flat. 

3. Models

There won’t be any changes in the model and sizes of the phone. It is believed that it will still offer four models. The models and sizes will be as follows:

  • iPhone 15 – 6.1-inch, 
  • iPhone 15 Plus – the 6.1-inch, 
  • iPhone 15 Pro – the 6.7-inch, and 
  • iPhone 15 Ultra (Pro Max) – the 6.7-inch 

4. No More Clicky Buttons

Yes, it is said that Apple is going to adopt the solid state button for power and volume button.  It will be similar to the home button on iPhone 7 and the force touch trackpad on the Macbook. 

The apple will use a Taptic engine to make it feel clicky upon touching. The new iPhone models will have Taptic engines on the internal left and right sides, which will make users feel like they are pressing a physical button. Hence, there will be three Taptic engines in the models. 

5. No Touch ID

What? Oh yes! 

It is expected that iPhone 15 series will have no touch ID and just the Face ID. So, if you heard that Apple is planning to revoke its touch ID for the flagship models with under-display touch. That’s wrong.

However, Apple is trying to develop the under-display face ID feature, which won’t be ready till 2025. So, till then there will be a Dynamic Island feature for all the models in a series and not just the pro ones.

6. Data Transfer Speeds

Another thing that would be annoying was data transfer speeds. As Apple was using its lightning port for the transfer the speed was 480mb/s, but that might change now.  The iPhone 15 models with USB-C ports will have higher transfer data speeds.

According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the higher-end models of iPhone 15 might use Thunderbolt 3 or USB-3.2 which can increase the speed up to 40GB/s. USB-3.2 will increase the data transfer speed to 20GB/s and Thunderbolt 3 will take it up to 40GB/s.

However, the standard models will feature a USB-2.0 port, which has the same transfer speed as the lightning port – 480MB/s.

7. WiFi 6E

The Apple analyst has confirmed that iPhone 15 pro models will have WiFi 6E and not its regular WiFi 6. However, it will be limited to the higher-end models. The standard models will continue to have the WiFi 6.

What is WiFi 6E? It is the extended version of WiFi 6. It offers more bandwidth, faster connectivity speeds, lower latency, and increased capacity. It also provides 1.2GHz more spectrum in the 6GHz band.

With Wi-Fi 6E you can get whole home gigabit coverage, multi-gigabit connectivity for venues, and higher data streams to support experiences like virtual reality and augmented reality.

Apple iPhone 15 Price

The iPhone 15 price is expected to be more on the expensive side. The gap between the prices of standard iPhone 15 models and high-end models will be larger this time. It is said, that it will be more expensive than the iPhone 14 pro model, which means it can have a start price of $1000 or more.

When is iPhone 15 Coming Out?

The iPhone 15 release date is expected to be in September month only if Apple follows its traditional launch timeline.

What’s Next?

Some of the iPhone 15 specs are rumored, while some have been claimed by Apple analysts. Now, what to expect next? As for iPhone 16 series, we think, there will be successful addition of the under-display Face ID feature and mostly the Dynamic Island feature will be there too. Stay tuned to BlackBuck Magazine for articles on Tech Gadgets and more.

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