Microsoft Unveiled Its ChatGPT AI Feature On Bing!

Microsoft Unveiled Its ChatGPT AI Feature On Bing

We all know, Microsoft has invested somewhere around $20 billion in the development of a startup OpenAI. And it is also providing its cloud service Azure for the development of other AI tools housed in OpenAI.

Today, Microsoft unveiled its chatGPT AI feature in the new bing for users. The users will have to download the new bing to access the feature. However, currently, it’s available to the testers and to try it yourself, you will have to get on the waitlist! 

Let’s move ahead and see the features of the new bing till then. The features page of Bing says, “The new Bing offers you reliable, up-to-date results – and complete answers to your questions. Of course, it also cites the sources.”

Well, that’s impressive.

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Features of Microsoft’s New Bing

Bing has collaborated with ChatGPT AI to bring forward its AI-Powered search engine. The bing is currently in testing mode, just like the AI tool it is based on! It plans to improve it with the feedback, its testers, or early access people give!

Bing + ChatGPt

Ask Questions: You can ask questions in the browser, regardless of the complexity it will provide you with the answer. You can make refinements in the chat, providing you with the best as per your command.

Get Answers Without getting Overwhelmed: Normally, when you get answers to the questions, you will have to find the best one yourself, after analyzing multiple websites. This won’t be the case with Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing. you will get definite answers with the sources.

Get Inspired: With bing, you can also get inspired on what or how to do anything, be it cooking, mailing, or generating dare ideas. You can also provide your ideas or prompts, and Bing will give you a written draft to work upon!

How AI-Powered Bing Works?

Just like the ChatGPT works. There’s no other tool or development was done! To see how it will work, here are some screenshots showing how exactly the new Bing works:

1. Prompt:  Write a poem that rhymes for 8-year-old Jake. He loves dogs and facts about the ocean.

Bing + ChatGPt demo 0

You can see how bing reverted with a poem that really rhymes and is as per the instruction that his son loves dogs and facts about the ocean.

2. Prompt: Write a script for the intro of my travel video about surfing on Oahu’s Northshore. I’m Chris and this is “Chris Tries New Things.” The north shore is a legendary spot for surfers and I’ll show you why. Here are some shots I need for the intro.

ChatGpt + Microsoft bing demo 2

You can see how Bing replied with a script for Chris’s new travel vlog about surfing on Oahu beaches. It didn’t only write the dialogue but also mentioned, which shot to keep after which dialogue. 

3. Prompt: Arts and crafts ideas, with instructions for a toddler using only cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, paper, and string.

ChatGpt + Microsoft bing demo 3

See, how bing responded with the arts and crafts ideas that one can make with the ingredients mentioned, also it paid strong attention to the instruction about doing it with a toddler. The bing showed toddler-safe art and craft ideas only!

4. Prompt: I need a big fast car.

ChatGpt + Microsoft bing demo 4

Bing showed a list of big fast cars and also mentioned their features in the paragraph and linked the sources to learn more about them!

5. Prompt: Write a quiz about pop music trivia that I can play with my friends that has 5 questions.

ChatGpt + Microsoft bing demo 5
Yes, you can create a list of trivia quizzes for your game time. You can see on the left-hand side about other creator prompts. You can try creating a tweet to post and even code to solve your developing problem!

These are just a few prompts, you can see more of them here.

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Stay tuned to BlackBuck Magazine, we will soon upload the testing of Microsoft’s Ai-Powered Bing and let you all know about it!

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